Vice-Dean for Education and Student Affairs

Prof. Rania Ahmed Salah al-Din

Vice Dean for Education and Students Affairs

Speech of Prof. Dr.

Vice Dean for Education and Student Affairs

Welcome to the website of the Faculty of Medicine, Ain Shams University …. Welcome, a graduate of it, or a visitor to this website. We tried our best through this site to provide all the information and to answer to all the questions that…… you might have. And that is through the Department of Student and Graduate Affairs in terms of study affairs and examinations, as well as the required documents in order to extract the various certificates and documents that the student and graduate of the college may need, we also tried to show all the activities and services as well as the various means of support provided through the Youth Welfare Department in the college. Once again, we welcome you to visit the college through this website. We hope that you will find enough information about your prestigious college. We hope that the continuous development and improvement will be our way when we obtain the satisfaction and support of every visitor to Ain Shams Medicine through its website.