IT Unit

The computer is an integral part of the field of work of any government institution or organization, as the development of work in line with technological developments in this field leads to many administrative and material gains..

Given this importance, the “Electronic Services Unit” is one of the most important units in the college, as it follows up and develops performance with regard to the college’s computer and internet, and follows up on the e-mail of departments, and faculty members. It also supervises the management of the content of the college’s website. We know that we face many challenges from material, technical or human resources, but we also know that there are no limits to our ambition to develop our performance and help each member of the college work team to improve his performance at work, which will improve the college progress in providing its scientific mission and community service .

  • Raising the efficiency and improving the college’s internal information network
  • Raising the efficiency of the infrastructure and modernizing it in the college
  • Legalizing the use of operating systems and software and protecting devices against viruses
  • Work to develop the educational process by strengthening the interaction between students and faculty members
  • Use the university’s official e-mail in the efficiency of administrative transactions, as well as in communicating with and between students
  • Use the official website of the college to communicate with all concerned parties
  • Using electronic transactions instead of paper transactions
  • Increasing the efficiency of using the digital library
  • Dr. Mohammed Gawish – Manager
  • Mr. Abdel Rahman Salah – Network Technician
  • Mr. Mostafa Adel
  • Mr. Ahmed Saad El-Deen Khater
  • Mr. Ahmed Salah

Official E-mail