Ain Shams Simulation Center

Simulation has emerged as a crucial method for medical education to graduate a safe physician. Where workplace-learning in hospitals was the only path to clinical learning.

With the commitment of the Faculty of Medicine, Ain Shams University towards the community to provide an authentic training environment and develop modern training methods, the Ain Shams Simulation Center (ASSC) was designed to resemble a real hospital, as it contains an emergency room, an operating room, an intensive care room, clinics, a ward for patients, and there are also multipurpose rooms. The ASSC contains a variety of manikins, ranging from task trainers for basic skill procedures procedural skills to high-fidelity manikins for critical case scenarios, life support and the correct management of them.

ASSC seeks to be a state- of art center at the national and regional level for learning and assessment using simulation, and to participate in the development of clinical education and its excellence for all educational levels in a safe environment similar to actual practice while integrating clinical education and clinical practice and adhering to the standards of safe practice and health care quality through simulation. It contributes to the development of general and special clinical competencies in all training programs for all categories at all levels, including undergraduate and postgraduate students and resident doctors as continuous links, while gradually increasing the level of skill performance and task difficulty gradually from novice to mastery

ASSC aims to facilitate the transition from simulated practice in contexts similar to reality to actual practice. The center also works to build the capabilities of faculty members as simulation instructors and encourages educational research and cooperation with other specialties to achieve excellence in clinical education.

Is establishment of an internationally accredited simulation training center working as leverage for clinical education excellence and adopting best standards for safe practice and quality of care through structured simulation, aiming to be a cornerstone of Merging Education and Practice .