Electronic services for student affairs management

The IT unit is pleased to announce the availability of a request for all Student Affairs services electronically

The service is requested, and its fees are paid electronically through the university platform (UMS)

List of Services:

1.            Certificate of registration in Arabic

2.            Certificate of registration in English

3.            Success statement in Arabic

4.            Success statement in English

5.            Case statement with the academic sequence in Arabic

6.            Case statement in Arabic

7.            Case statement in English

8.            Transcript in Arabic

9.            Transcript in English

10.      Replacement of a lost faculty ID

11.      Approval of a subway form

12.      Approval of the national identification form

Steps to apply for services online

1.   Go to the university platform (UMS)


2.   Login with your personal account..

3.   Select “General Services” from the main menu..

4.   Select the required service and click on “Request Service”..

5.   Choose the appropriate electronic payment method to pay the service fees.

Go to the Student Affairs Administration 24 hours after requesting the service to receive the service.



For technical support, contact us on the following email using your official email