Faculty Dean

Prof. Dr. Ali El-Anwar

The Dean Chairman of the Hospital Board of Directors

Speech of Mr. Prof. Dr.

The Dean
Chairman of the Hospital Board of Directors

Dear my sons and daughters… New students and students. I congratulate you on your academic excellence in your high school diploma, and our happiness and pride in your keenness and choice to join the Faculty of Medicine, Ain Shams University. I am pleased to welcome you in my name and on behalf of the college family, with the beginning of your first steps in your scientific and educational career at the college. Praise be to God, who are recognized for their excellence and merit, and from all the technical and administrative staff of the college. My dear children: Arm yourself with hope and optimism. This scientific edifice is folded in the most elegant and best international scientific scientific institutes, it may face some challenges and difficulties, and we will remain our desire, our will and the management of our ambition, as a difference, and one family …

My daughters and sons are future doctors..and you are on the verge of a new stage in your life, the stage of university life, which will contribute greatly to the formation and building of your personality, and the formation of your visions and your knowledge, not only at the level of knowledge, scientific and educational, but, be keen on that level. The scientific benefit, as well as the active and positive human integrity in the participation in the “university life” in its comprehensive meaning, I say to this, about a conviction and experience, and it is a vision that we believe in, and we will do it in the interests of the children, so that you can do so that you can do so that you can do so, and they will be in the interests of the children. The second home is for you, belonging to the bridges of communication and interaction with your professors and colleagues. Participate in all the scientific, cultural, sports, artistic and social activities of the college, and you will find all support, encouragement and support from us. My children.. I invite you to get acquainted with your “new home.” Check out all the college buildings and its landmarks to get acquainted with its diverse capabilities scientifically, and you will find help from the college administration, athletically, culturally, and your fellow students who preceded you in belonging to this distinguished edifice.

My dear sons and daughters, I am confident that many of you will come out of great scientific figures, to join the record of honor and pride for our venerable edifice, the College of Medicine – Ain Shams University, which presented many, many scientists, academics and doctors with distinguished scientific and humanitarian donations, not only at the local level, but at the global level .. Sincere prayers for success, success and distinction.