Community Service Activities

Achievements of the environmental community service sector

Description of the unit

It is a unit affiliated to the Community Service and Environmental Development Sector led by Prof. Dr. Vice Dean for Community Service and Environmental Development Affairs, and that follows the new administrative structure of the college and is headed by Mr. Prof. Dr. Dean of the College. It aims primarily to predict crises and disasters that may occur at the Faculty of Medicine, Ain Shams University, and to develop plans to confront these crises when they occur, then follow up their effects, study the results, and submit reports to the head of the unit.

Unit vision

The Crisis and Disaster Management Unit at the Faculty of Medicine, Ain Shams University aspires to be a pioneer in spreading the culture of crisis and disaster management at the level of Egyptian universities.

Unit message

Prepare by studying potential crises and preparing the necessary plans for each of them according to an approved priority, preparing an appropriate database for the crisis, forming the appropriate work team and communication plans, following up on the removal of traces, as well as preparing reports on crises and the results of their management and developing plans to improve performance.

Unit objectives and work methodology

  1. Preparing an effective organizational and administrative structure commensurate with crisis and disaster management.
  2. Raising awareness and spreading the culture of crisis and disaster management in the college community.
  3. Predicting crises expected to occur in the college community.
  4. Crisis planning.
  5. Managing crises effectively and efficiently when they occur.
  6. Following up on the effects of crises and preparing reports to be submitted to the higher management of the college or university to take the necessary action.

Unit headquarters

  1. Original headquarters (A): in the old drug department
  2. Alternative headquarters (B): Administrative Security Office
  3. Alternative headquarters (C): Civil Defense Office, Faculty of Medicine

Tasks of the organizational structure and work teams.

 Preparedness and response plan for emergencies and disasters.

Evacuation experiment