Quality Assurance Unit


Improving performance to achieve excellence


Spreading the culture and concepts of quality and technical support for departments and departments to adopt and apply standard standards at work, and document and follow up on the continuous development of the college’s services such as education, research and community service.

The purpose

The working group based on the project of establishing an internal system for quality in the college has drafted an internal regulation for the unit that corresponds to the internal regulation of the Quality Assurance Center at the university, and also in line with the mission of the college and the university’s strategy in order to reach accreditation and then continue to improve continuous performance through the application of the quality system.

Unit Objectives

Preparing the college to meet the requirements and standards of the National Authority for Quality Assurance and Accreditation.

Spreading the culture of quality and working on continuous improvement of institutional and academic performance among faculty members and their assistants and all faculty staff and students.

Gaining the confidence of the community in the outcomes of the educational process in the college by consolidating the relationship between the college and the community to develop and improve the services provided by the college.

Functions and tasks of the unit

The Quality Assurance Unit represents the mechanism through which evaluation and internal review are carried out with the aim of ensuring the quality of the college’s educational, research and service activities and the factors affecting them and improving its performance level. This includes identifying shortcomings and obstacles, identifying good practices, and developing proposals for continuous improvement in order to obtain re-accreditation. The unit’s work areas and specializations include the following activities:

  1. Organizing seminars, courses, lectures and workshops in the field of total quality in cooperation with the relevant institutions and bodies.
  2. Documenting the vision, mission and strategic objectives of the college and the mechanism for updating them.
  3. Follow-up on the establishment of a database and electronic information for the college’s human and material resources to benefit from them in setting policies and improvement plans, as well as developing a mechanism to update them.
  4. Training cadres of faculty members to work as internal auditors in the field of quality management to ensure continuous evaluation of performance in accordance with accreditation standards.
  5. Follow up on preparing and documenting the report of courses and study programs at the college.
  6. Establishing a system for follow-up and evaluation within the college, including periodic review of:

    1. Academic performance of staff members
    2. Student performance
    3. Student Activities
    4. Community Engagement Services and Activities
    5. Research and scientific activities
    6. Mechanisms and procedures of the scientific and administrative departments in achieving the college’s plans
    7. College resources with the aim of maximizing their utilization and proposing an improvement plan.
  7. Follow up on the development of a system to receive and follow up on student complaints, as well as a mechanism to deal with them
  8. Follow-up to prepare and publish an annual report for the college that reflects the level of performance in all activities and includes an executive plan for development to ensure the quality of the educational and research process and community participation, based on documented data.
  9. Communicate and interact with all parties concerned with issues of performance evaluation and quality assurance through the college administration, the University’s Quality Assurance Center and the National Authority for Education Quality Assurance and Accreditation.

Quality assurance unit work Clauses

Clause / 1: The director of the unit invites the heads of committees and members of the unit to meet by internal mail, e-mail, or the internal phone of the college when necessary.

Clause 2: When any committee chairperson or member of the unit fails to attend three consecutive meetings of the unit without a written apology, this is considered an abandonment of the duties assigned to him, and this is mentioned in the periodic performance evaluation prepared by the internal audit committee.

Clause / 3: The organization of meetings in the unit is carried out through a pre-meeting agenda that shows the meeting topics, the timings of discussion and presentation, the person responsible for presenting each topic, and the documents required to be taken during the meeting, with the pre-determining of the start and end dates for each topic. Meeting guests or attendees are introduced as observers in the meeting agenda. . The unit secretary is responsible for distributing the meeting agenda to all members who are required to attend the meeting well in advance of the meeting and using the appropriate means of announcement, while making sure that the agenda is fully received.

Clause / 4: The unit director shall be officially notified by the committee chairmen and members of any travel for a period of more than a week outside or inside the country at least one week before the travel date, provided that he submits a report if the travel date coincides with the date of delivery of the results of tasks or reports. The report includes the tasks that have been accomplished, and whoever violates this is considered a relinquishment of his responsibility towards the unit, and this is mentioned in his performance evaluation.

Clause / 5: The Internal Audit Committee prepares annual reports on the application of quality standards by the departments and departments of the college, showing the activities that have not been completed and those that have stalled, and submit them to the Director of the Quality Unit, explaining the reasons for failure and the person responsible or responsible for it.

Clause / 6: All members of the unit committees must ensure continuous contact between them and the heads of their committees in order to take over the tasks and deliver the results on the scheduled date. If the opposite occurs, the committee heads inform the head of the unit in writing so that this is attached to the member’s monthly performance evaluation.

Clause / 7: Messrs. committee chairpersons and all members of the Quality Unit, upon request, obtain a certificate from the Quality Assurance Unit in the college about the period they spent in work and the quality of work in the unit, to be attached to their CV along with the results of their reports, in order to present them to whom it may concern.

Clause / 8: The head of the internal audit committee, after consulting with the unit director, informs all committee chairs and unit members of the periodic performance evaluation results personally or by e-mail to each of them.

Clause 9: If any of the committee chairpersons or members desires to replace or apologize for one or some or all of the tasks entrusted to him, he must submit a request to the head of the unit before the lapse of one-third of the period prescribed for the completion of this task or tasks so that they can be redistributed, and his request should be accompanied by justifications for that. .

Clause 10: The director of the unit must work to overcome the difficulties and causes of stumbling in the tasks as much as possible, according to the available capabilities, and through cooperation with the college administration represented by its dean, and provide support and assistance to all committee chairmen and members of the unit to ensure the proper functioning of work.

Clause / 11: The Quality Assurance Unit may seek the assistance of a number of students who are distinguished by activity and initiative in accomplishing work to assist in distributing and collecting questionnaires and assisting committees in some technical work in the unit in return for awarding certificates of appreciation to them for their assistance in quality activities.

Clause / 12: Messrs. committee chairmen, members of the unit and their assistants who have contributed to the quality activities shall receive a reward for the tasks they successfully accomplished or participated in, and for attending the sessions, estimated according to the difficulty of the task, the scientific or functional staff, and the time the task took to be paid from the unit’s account.