Applications for the first year students

Applications for first year students

  • The original high school application form + 2 copies of it … (taking into account that the original certificate is stamped with the seal of the eagle … a clear seal … and any form that is not stamped with the seal of the eagle or with an unclear seal, the student will not be accepted until after bringing it sealed, and the seal is from the school or educational administration.
  • The original birth certificate of the student + 2 copies of it…
  • 10 personal photos of the student.
  • Model 2 enlisted (and this is for male students only).
  • The nomination card (printed from the coordination website) + 2 copies of it.
  • A copy of the student’s guardian’s card (father or mother), as well as a copy of the student’s card (if any).
  • Sports incentive (if any) … + 2 copies of it …
  • University city file (for regional students only, if he has withdrawn the file from the university city).
  • Study expenses (992 pounds + ten pounds in bank expenses) are to be paid in all branches of Banque Miser except for the existing branch in the college. With the need to return again to Student Affairs in order to record the fee payment receipt.

Important Notes

  • A schedule will be drawn up in alphabetical order for the dates for students to attend to apply to the college… Please adhere to this schedule so that there is no congestion when applying.
  • The necessity of the student’s presence on the day of application to perform the medical examination… The absence of the medical examination means that the student’s papers are not accepted until after attending and performing the medical examination at the college.
  • It is necessary to maintain the receipt of payment of tuition fees after registering it with the Student Affairs, because the receipt of the card from the college will be with this receipt.
  • It is necessary to conduct a virus C examination in the main laboratories of Ain Shams University hospitals so that the student can be registered. The service is provided free of charge to all students.

Application forms

  • Admission application
  • Youth Care Model
  • Admission application