International visiting professors


International Visiting Professors 

Ain Shams University has collaborated with many established Professors who share their expertise through several channels via its Visiting Professor Program (VPP). Collaboration with Ain Shams University is in the form of any or all of the following: 

  • Undergraduate lectures 
  • Postgraduate lectures 
  • Hands-on training  
  • Joint research 
  • Online sessions 
  • Guiding the initiation of new services and improvement of existing services 
  • Any form of collaboration agreed upon by both parties 



Dr.Hoda MF Wahba                      

Associate Professor of Geriatrics and Gerontology 

 Name  Speciality  Institution Email  
Abde Azim Ahmed  Internal Medicine Private Practice, Florida  
Ahmed Abobakr Pediatrics Private Practice, Florida  
Ahmed Ahmed Cardiology Private Practice, Houston 
Ahmed Akl Radiation Oncology Michigan State University  
Ahmed Bershawy Pulmonary/Critical care/sleep medicine Private Practice, California 
Ahmed Eid General Oncology U T MD Anderson Cancer Center 
Ahmed Kaseb GI Medical Oncology U T MD Anderson Cancer Center 
Amal Assa’sd 

Director, FARE Food Allergy Center of Excellence 

Medical Clinical Director Associate Director 

Division of Allergy and Immunology 

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center Cincinnati 


Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center Cincinnati 
Ayman Khafagi Family Medicine  Private Practice, Tinenssee 
Ehab Hanna  ENT/head and neck cancers U T MD Anderson Cancer Center 
Enas Kaseb Family Medicine  University of Texas, Houston 
Eslam Elhammady OB/Gyn Pivate, UT Medical Branch in Galveston 
Hany Ahmed Ob/Gyn Private Practice, Houston 
Hany Zamel Gastroenterology University of Texas, Houston 
Haythem Saleh Anethesiology Private Practice, Boston 
Hesham Amin Hematopathology U T MD Anderson Cancer Center 
Hesham El Gayar Radiation Oncology Michigan State University 
Karim Abouelmagd  Director Multivisceral Transplant Program
Director Surgery & Transplant Service 
Cleveland Clinic
Ohio, USA 
Khaled Elsayes Radiology U T MD Anderson Cancer Center 
Lilly Gaber  Pathology Methodist Hospital, Houston 
Magdy Attia HPB Surgery & Liver Transplantation Leeds University Leeds, UK 
Manal Hassan Molecular Epidemiology U T MD Anderson Cancer Center 
Mark Rafik Ghobrial  Transplant Surgery Methodist Hospital, Houston 
Mohamed Shalaby Cardiology Private Practice, Houston 
Mohamed Soliman Pediatric Ophthalmology UT Medical Branch in Galveston 
Mostafa adham 
Nabil Ahmed  Pedicatric Oncology Texas Children’s Hospital 
Nahla Salem Family Medicine  Private Practice, California 
Omar Aly Internal Medicine  Georgtown University, Washington DC 
Osama Gaber  Transplant Surgery Methodist Hospital, Houston 
Osama Gaber  Professor of Transplant Surgery Methodist Hospital,Huston, Texas
George hanna Director of Surgical Department Imperial Colleage, London ,UK 
Raouf Samy Amin 

Professor of Pediatrics 

Division of Pulmonary Medicine 

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center Cincinnati, Ohio 

Endowed Chair and Director of the Division of Pulmonary Medicine 

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center 



Cincinnati Children’s Hospital 


Tamer Abdel Haq Neurology Critical care Henry Ford Hospital, Michigan 
Yasser Salem General Surgery Private Practice, California