International students / Postgraduate

Life at ASU

Where to live or (Housing)
ASU offer a variety of housing recommendations close to the campus or very by. 

Food is one of the defining characteristics of any culture. ASU offers a variety of options to students. Starting with dining options in the hospital restaurants and campus. To a variety of nearby restaurants at affordable prices.

Health, Fitness, and Sports
The university offers a number of sports to its residents: Football, volleyball, Athletes, Gym and Exercise classes

Immunization, Health Insurance, & Medical Care
International students must meet some specific requirements related to proof of immunizations and medical insurance coverage.

If any are required

Medical Insurance
All full-time students will have medical insurance.

Admission information:

  1. For long term programs to earn a Degree: Please apply at:
  2.  Choose Ain Shams University and the department you want to study in.

Tuition, Scholarships and fellowships:

ASU offers international students a limited number of scholarships. Opportunities for graduate students are mostly offered to Universities who have a partnership with ASU.