مكتب الطلاب الوافدين

Life at ASU

Where to live or (Housing)
ASU offer a variety of living options on campus or very close by. Graduate students can apply to live in nearby neighbourhood.
Food is one of the defining characteristics of any culture. ASU offers a variety of options to students. Starting with dining options in the hospital restaurants and campus. To a variety of nearby restaurants at affordable prices.
Health, Fitness, and Sports
The university offers a number of sports to its residents: Football, volleyball, Athletes, Gym and Exercise classes

Immunization, Health Insurance, & Medical Care
International students must meet some specific requirements related to proof of immunizations and medical insurance coverage.
If any are required
Medical Insurance
All full-time students will have medical insurance.

International Non-Arabic Speaking Students Section

  • Coordination with all faculty departments to support students and provide them by a rich comprehensive educational environment.
  • Facilitation of administrative and official documentation at the faculty, university and Ministry of higher education.
  • Mentors and academic advisors.
  • Available accommodation nearby the faculty, upon request.
  • Integration with native students in cultural, recreational and social activities.

Admission information:

  • For Bachelor Degree of Medicine and general surgery: Please apply at: www.wafeden.gov.eg. Choose Ain Shams University to study incomprehensive educational environment.
  • For Short term (elective) programs: Kindly fill this pdf form

A form for students wishing to train in the college


Online learning platforms

Students access online learning platforms through the faculty Learning management System (LMS) and others as a supplementary material to facilitate learning and studying of the various courses.

Spoken Arabic elective course

This is an elective course for non-Arabic speaking students enrolled at years 1 & 2. Spoken Arabic learning will help them integrate in the Egyptian culture & community especially at their first years at Egypt.

Student guide

Extra-curricular Activities

Cultural trips

Touristic trip to Giza pyramids & old Cairo during the winter break 2019- 2020, accompanied by tour guides explaining the historical background of the visited landmarks. Riding camels, buying souvenirs, eating oriental food and taking photos were exceptional moments for the international students during the trip.

Cultural day

International students from more than 30 different countries present their cultures, costumes, cuisine and others at FOM – ASU during the cultural day in the presence of the ministers’ counsellors.

ASU Communication and Leadership club

FOM –ASU held its meetings of the club twice monthly. The students present their own speeches and receive regular and constructive feedback from peers. This improves their public speaking skills, builds leadership skills and maximize the potential of the participating students.

Conferences/Scientific days

Students participate as speakers or attendees at the faculty annual conference, students’ research conference and other specialized scientific events.