ASU communication & leadership club

ASU Communication and Leadership Club

Effective doctor-patient communication is a central clinical art in building a therapeutic doctor-patient relationship.

The “Communication and leadership Club” at the Ain Shams University School of medicine had launched on January 2020 and under the sponsorship of the international student office, Professor Dr. Mona Adel Mohamed (Radiology department) and Professor Dr. Nayera Samy (Community Medicine Department)

The club’s objective is to build students’ confidence, communication and leadership skills in order to prepare them to be the future competent physicians in the medical field.

The club brought together 40 young, diverse Egyptian and International medical students from various medical years. The club has 7 officers elected by the club’s members. Officers include: a President, Vice President of Education, Vice President of Membership, Vice President of Public Relations, Secretary, Treasurer and Sergeant at Arms. These officers are involved in planning meetings, coordinating speakers and receive the opportunity to grow as leaders. New officers are elected annually. New members join as other students graduate.

The club meets twice per month for 2 hours each. Students prepare speeches of their choice and participate in impromptu speeches which have a great impact in building strong personalities. Students receive instant feedback from both their instructors and peers on how to improve their presentation skills and public speaking in terms of the structure of their speech, vocal variety, eye contact, body language, clarity of speech, use of accurate grammar and vocabulary.

The club also engages students in Speech contests which have valuable impact on students and provokes healthy sense of competition which hones their skills and intellect.

The club teaches invaluable life lessons and has a great potential in revolutionizing the way medical students can be effective communicators and leaders.