By: Rabab Nassar

Lens: Islam Shaaban

Video capture: Ahmed Musalmi


  Prof. Dr. Abdul Wahab Ezzat, President of Ain Shams University opened on 16 October the extended campaign entitled “Welcome and hello  ... Hand in hand-share with us ". The campaign was organized by Community Service and Environmental Development sector in collaboration with Education and student Affairs Sector, the Federation of University Students and the Department of Youth Welfare, accompanied by parade roving of the university, carrying the flags of the Union and the various colleges to the tune of municipal flutes ,Skirt show and patriotic songs.

Where Prof.Dr. Abdul Wahab Ezzat confirmed that the university receives the new academic year with a series of diverse activities. Pointing out that for the first time this year the university will participate in cooperation between all sectors of the policy in all events so that any sector does not run away from the other, but rather integrated into all efforts to achieve the objectives of the university on all student, cultural and technical levels.

He added that the university presented comprehensive activities  includes the three sides" professor , student and employee"; but to achieve the University's mission to be a monument combines academic science and life experiences, in order to provide a model for the University without walls unleash the freedom of thought, creativity, and interactivity Positives on the ground.

The opening witnessed by a number of deans, agents and gentlemen of Trustees of the University and a group of professors, students and workers.

The campaign included medical activity "blood donation, measure blood sugar and pressure, clinic conjunctivitis and internists, oral health care and dental, free pharmacy", a cultural activity includes "an exhibition of Fine Arts, an exhibition of inventions, definition of union activities", as well as active socially includes "charity exhibition of clothes in collaboration with the Rotary Club, Maadi and Aanroyl Nile," and another athlete, "featuring" a marathon, sports competitions. "