Unit of medical laboratory tests and prevention of occupational diseases

Activities and Services

The unit of medical laboratory tests is considered as one of the important activities in the Department of Community, environmental and occupational medicine, Faculty of medicine, Ain Shams University. The unit aims to:
  • Establishment of a medical center that is specialized in occupational medicine for treatment of Egyptian workers and their protection from occupational diseases
  • Carry out accurate medical tests to detect and diagnose occupational diseases
  • Build a generation of specialists in this field, and attract fresh graduates and encourage researchers to conduct researches in this field.
  • Carry out statistical analyzes required for all types of research.
  • Assist in the reduction of environmental pollution by measuring the proportion of dust and toxic gases in different places
- The unit includes the following sections:
  • 1- The Clinic

    The clinic is responsible for the following activities
    • Medical examination for workers exposed to occupational hazard by contracting with different authorities.
    • Assessment of lung function for referred cases from hospitals or different places
    • There is also an ECG device used when needed
    • Determine the percentage of disability for those who are at risk of occupational diseases
  • 2- Medical Laboratory

    Where measurement of the proportions of different metals or their degradation products is done by taking vital samples ( blood , urine , milk , saliva ) or tissues , and examples of these metals are:
    • Amino-Levulinic acid
    • Lead
    • Copper
    • Cadmium
    • Manganese
    • Zinc
    And other various minerals where there is Atomic Absorption device in the lab that can be used by specialized professors. Also, all laboratory equipments are available to save the different samples. They are working on improving the device to analyze of the following items in the near future:
    • Mercury
    • Lithium
    • Arsenic
    • Iron
    The lab receives cases from multiple destinations, whether individuals or institutions, and the unit provides special support for researchers.
  • 3- Environmental Monitoring Laboratory

    currently establishing Where the following will be available:
    • A device for measuring the proportion of dust in the air
    • Measuring the percentage of harmful gases in the air such as: nitrogen oxides, sulfur and carbon monoxide
    • A device for measuring air speed and relative humidity in the air.
    • A device for taking air samples
    • A device for measuring noise
    And these devices can be transferred to different working places for the purpose of environmental measurements and provide advices and recommendations to reduce the pollution in various workplaces.

Contact information

For more information please contact Mrs Fifi Tel: 24837888 or 227853276. E-mail: communitymedicine_office@med.asu.edu.eg Director of Unit:
  • Prof Mohamed Salah Ibrahim Gabal. Cellphone: 01115495207
  • Prof Ahmed Shouman. Cellphone: 01005240050
  • Dr Mohamed Moemen. Cellphone: 01008119295

Statistics Unit

Activities and Services

The Department of Community, Occupational, and Environmental Medicine has a data management center with specialized biostatisticians, trained data interviewers, and data entry personnel with more than 15 years of experience in running research projects. Our team creates databases, data cleaning systems, and supply researchers with necessary statistical packages. In addition, we have an archiving, filing system and ensure data confidentiality. Our department offers regular training courses in medical statistics to assist researchers in conducting scientifically valid and sound studies.
  • Review protocols of Master and Doctoral degree students and other scientific research proposals before they are submitted to the Department Councils and the Ethics Committee
  • Help researchers in constructing their research plan
  • Calculate sample size
  • Assist researchers in design of the data collection sheet and Data or questionnaire
  • Create databases for different studies. The unit also provides services to create electronic files for inpatient and outpatient clinics
  • Help researcher develop the statistical analysis plan
  • Perform basic and advanced statistical analyses
  • Design result tables and graphs
  • Review of research papers from a statistical point prior to submission for publication

Contact information

For more information please contact Mrs Fifi Tel: 24837888 or 227853276. E-mail: communitymedicine_office@med.asu.edu.eg

Quality Unit

Message of Quallity Unit

Work to ensure quality and continuous improvement of health care in Hospitals of Ain Shams University and in all sectors that provide health services outside the university.

Vision of Quallity Unit

The Unit includes the scientific expertise in the field of health care quality to be the house of experience in this field in Egypt and the Middle East

Goals of Quallity Unit

  • Raise the awareness among workers in the health care field to ensure continuous improvement of the quality of health care
  • Establish the concept that the beneficiary of the health service is the cornerstone of all health care plans, so work should be continued to meet their needs and expectations
  • Cooperation with the concerned authorities for recalling and development of human resources which work in the health field in the Arab world
  • Coordination with departments, units and other scientific and medical associations to put standards for the quality to keep pace with the international standards and to be suitable for the local environment.
  • Continuous improvement of the quality of health services

Goals of Quallity Unit

Training of manpower working in the field of health services, generally and specially in the field of quality of health services, the quality management and systems and the continuous development of the quality of health services.

Consulting services

  • Provide advisory services and technical assistance in all areas needed to improve the quality of health services
  • Develop quality standards in line with international standards and suitable with local conditions
  • Develop systems and evidence of work and quality plans.
  • Development of health systems
  • Evaluating the quality of the performance of public and private health institutions

3- The researches

Conducting researches in the field of health services and it includes researches of marketing of health services

Contact information

For more information please contact Mrs Fifi Tel: 24837888 or 227853276. E-mail: communitymedicine_office@med.asu.edu.eg
  • Eight Training courses to quality mangers of Military hospitals (Hospital standards- patient safety- medical records- hospital strategic planning- hospital environmental safety-medication management- basic medical statistics- performance improvement models)
  • Survey of Ain Shams Specialized Hospital against national Accreditation standards
  • Two training courses on Hopsital accreditation standards to Ain Shams Hospitals staff
  • Three training courses (Quality concepts-Hospital standards- Change management)

Contact information

For more information please contact Mrs Fifi Tel: 24837888 or 227853276. E-mail: communitymedicine_office@med.asu.edu.eg Director of Unit:
  • The manager of the Unit : Prof. Dr. Mahy El-Tehewy
  • The supervisor of the training: Dr. Ehab Shehab
  • The supervisor of the research: Dr. Elsaid Elokda
  • Secretary: Mrs. Nawal Fouad Tel: 24837888 or 227853276
  • E-mail: communitymedicine_office@med.asu.edu.eg