Dear students,
Our mission is to have  graduates with unique knowledge, skills and values adequate to deal with our citizens and promote community health.Self learning process, research and epidemiology should have great role in producing such unique graduates.
Community oriented concepts, problem solving skills and holistic approach are our interest.It is of vital importance to have physicians able to take anticipatory actions based on available data base to prevent and prioritize community health problems.
So, by such conspicuous graduates, we will be able to promote the health and improve life quality of our citizens.

Our Vision

" Our concern is Healthy People in Healthy Communities "

Our Mission

" Promotion of Health and Prevention of Diseases, Injuries, and Disabilities through Innovative Education and Training "

We express our gratitude to previous chairpersons of the department for their cumulative effort and leadership

Prof. Aly Massoud Prof. Rifky Faris     Prof. Ahmed Sherif 
Prof. Akila Kaiser Prof. Abdel Aziz Kamal Prof. Mohsen Gadallah   
Prof. Sawsan El Ghazali   Prof. Wagida Anwar