Demerdash Hospital was Established in 1928 with a donation from Mr. Rahim Demerdash Pasha, and established the Faculty of Medicine, Ain Shams University in 1947 and was called the Medical College Demerdash and was affiliated with the University Fuad I (Cairo University now), and then annexed to the Ain Shams University in 1950 to be the third medical school in Egyptafter Dental Cairo Alexandria Medicine, and attached to a teaching hospital is Demerdash Hospital and includes most of the surgical departments.

The selected buildings refuge freedom adjacent to the hospital the headquarters of the sections of the scientific: Anatomy and Physiology and Histology and biochemistry and museums and some sections of the years, the final such as forensic and preventive medicine, then join to the teaching hospital Children's Hospital, who was a follower of the Egyptian Society for the care of children and finally established Hospital, Ain Shams, which includes the rest of the sections Alakinnicah.

And placed overall plan for replacement and renovation and expansion was bringing the building of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology building sections currently, which includes in addition to the Department of Forensic Medicine Departments of Pathology and Parasitology, medicine and bacteriology in addition to the establishment of a building stands, which includes the three strips and next to the building metalized, which consists of four floors devoted Doreen them fully halls exams .