Family Medicine Department  is a newly established department since August 2014. Prof. Diaa Marzouk, professor of Community, Environmental and Occupational Medicine is the first head of the department. 


Head of Family Medicine Department

Prof Diaa Marzouk

Our Vision

To improve the health of our community by providing continuous and  comprehensive healthcare service through leadership and excellence in family medicine education, clinical practice, research, and community service.

Our Mission

To fulfill this vision, through the following:

Clinical Practice:

Provide continuous, cost-effective, and comprehensive patient-centered care in family medicine outpatient clinics through well trained competent family physicians and nurses.

Medical Education:

Develop and maintain family medicine educational programs for postgraduate students, resident physicians and fellows. Also training programs are provided to faculty and practicing physicians to train future leaders in academic family medicine.

Research and Scholarship:

Promotion of conduction of research in family Medicine that satisfies the patients’ needs in primary health care and dissemination to policy makers.

Community Service:

Work in partnership with some of the family medicine centers of the Egyptian Ministry of Health to address unmet health care needs in our community.

Nature of Family Medicine work:

Family Medicine is a specialty of distinct entity, Family Physician is trained to diagnose and manage 85% of cases received at primary health care, of all ages and both sexes. He is trained when to refer 10-15% of patients to secondary and tertiary cases and to follow up these cases when they come back after referral. It is a multidisciplinary department, integrated training and education between 13 clinical departments. Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Surgery, Psychiatry, Community Medicine, Dermatology, Ophthalmology, Geriatrics, Radiology, ENT and Toxocology. .


Family Medicine department delivers a number of postgraduates’ certificates as: Master of Family Medicine Higher Diploma of Family Medicine MD of Family Medicine